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Japanese Dictionary ★

2.18 usd

Tenjin pro is an offline Japanese dictionary, a Kanji dictionary and a Japanese grammar guide. It is fast, smart, accurate, simple to use, ad-free and will prove invaluable to learn Japanese and Kanji with very nice features not found in any other Japanese dictionary :
★ all data fields are searchable in a simple and efficient way★ jlpt, grade, wanikani and commonness for kanji readings, for kanji (and soon for words)★ very detailed data for kanji (compounds, expressions, composite verbs, ...)★ grammar points★ Japanese examples browsable and annotated with translations, grammar, kanji meanings...★ multilingual support (50+ languages)
Get help, tips, news for the Tenjin Japanese dictionary or our "read Japanese" app :
Complete features: ★ complete and accurate Japanese dictionary working offline (over 300000 entries)★ compact (very low disk usage) and efficient (lightning fast on modern phones)★ Kanji dictionary with stroke order diagrams and powerful filter capabilities★ light and dark themes★ suggestions and fast search on a wide range of queries★ exports to HTML and flashcards (through ankidroid and anki)★ no need for a Japanese keyboard (automatic conversion between romaji, hiragana and katakana)
Tenjin pro works offline. A network connection is only needed when updating or for sending crash reports